Filters on search results !

Thanks to a study on users behaviors on the Doctoranytime’s site, we have noticed that many patients don’t find easily the practitioner that they search.

Then, we have implemented a new feature in order to ease the patient life !

It is about additional filters in the search results to refine the requests per expertise or type of consultation, that allows you to increase your visibility concerning your areas of expertises that correspond to you.

The expertises correspond to the sub categories, and the types of consultation correspond to the different services that you propose.

In order to appear on search results, you need to upload your profile. Otherwise, the patients that filter their research won’t be able to find you.
How to set the filters?
Areas of expertise:
2) In the menu [ I ] –> Modify my profile
3) Click on the category “expertise” (below the specialty)
4) Several choices are presented to you, select those which correspond to your expertise.
5) If those choices aren’t enough for your profile: you can add manually in the section below called “Additional expertises” (However, they won’t appear on your filters).
Types of consultation :
2) In the menu [ I ] –> Choose : Services
3) Select the types of consultation that correspond to you by adding the additional information such as the fees, the time associated with your agenda, and your practices.
 4) Don’t forget to save!
If you have any request, please feel free to question our chat on your online agenda.
The Doctoranytime’s team.