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Guide BtoB : Delay for booking appointment

The delay option allows you to have a better management of your availabilities, in order to inform your patient on a daily basis. It’s a way for the doctor to give him/ her the possibility to schedule his/ her agenda, at the actual moment, with a better hindsight.


1) First, you need to go to your “Availabilities Management” page.

Then, if you want to change the delay for patient in order to book an appointment, you need to click on “Edit Period”. Or, on the contrary, if you want to delete the implemented one, click on “Delete Period”.

Therefore, if you set a delay of 2 hours, the next availability that appears will be 2 hours from now.

Ex: It’s 2:00 pm, your appointment booking delay is 2 hours, so your next availability will be at 4:00 pm.



2) To change the delay, you just need to change the number of hours you want.

Then, you just have to “Save” to activate the delay.



3) Another way to implement the appointment booking delay: you need to go to the “Settings” page, and on the “Appointments” tab. Then, just fill the number of hours that you want to settle.


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