How to reduce the waiting time in your practice?

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The change of behavior of the patients is a real stake in the reception and the care in a cabinet. Waiting time, hygiene, location, patients become more and more detail-oriented. We have noticed that patients are particularly sensitive to the delay of practitioners.


Doctoranytime gives you his expertise on this subject and tries to answer this problem.

Indeed, patients often forget that the delay of the practitioner is not due only to himself. Often, the accumulation of delays of your patients is the cause of the waiting time in the practices :


To reduce the waiting time in your practices, you must act on two essential points:

-Your organization

-The behavior of your patients


You can find here our different solutions to reduce the waiting time in your practice:


1.Involve your patient in the care process:


The patient / practitioner relationship is essential in the care process. The long waiting time in the practice is often due to the many delays or omissions that accumulate throughout the day. Give accurate advice and information before the appointment, can be effective for having patients on time.

Doctoranytime offers an effective solution for this problem! We send e-mails and reminder SMS to all your patients to avoid forgetfulness or last-minute delays.


2. Inform your patients

The patient’s delay may be due to a lack of information on the location of your practice. Do not hesitate to be as specific as possible about the address of your office, especially if it is difficult to find! Posters in the building or a sign are also very effective in helping the patient to find their way around.


On your public profile Doctoranytime, with the support of a geolocation, it is possible to put a maximum information to guide the patient easily to destination. All the necessary information is on our platform and in the email confirmation of the booked appointment.


3. Minimize calls during consultation:

Calls during consultations are particularly time-consuming! They have a direct impact on the waiting time, but also the care of the patients. A minute on the phone is a minute where you do not treat a patient and therefore a minute late for you. We advise you to put your phone on hold and spend 30 minutes of your day listening to and answering these messages on your agenda.


Thanks to our customer service and online appointments, we drastically reduce calls to the office, so your attention is totally patient-oriented!


4. Organize your agenda effectively:


Organizing your agenda effectively is a key issue to avoid the loss of time and therefore delays on your part! When the patient is booking an appointment, it is important to ask the reason for the patient’s visit, so you can classify the consultations. Some actions in your practice take more time than others. A consultation can last 45 minutes or 15 minutes, asking the reason of the appointment is to anticipate and optimize your schedule.


On our platform, it is possible to devote personalized time slots according to the different services of a practitioner. The online agenda adapts to the patient’s choice and effectively optimizes the practitioner’s calendar.


5. Turning the secretarial office towards the accompaniment of the patient:

Do not hesitate to leave the accompaniment and the follow-up of the patient to the secretariat! Many secretaries are able to perform paramedical acts. A good division of tasks in a firm is important to save time and therefore not lose.


With Doctoranytime, phone calls decrease drastically, giving way to other activities than booking appointments and managing the agenda.