Information about mycosis

What is mycosis?

Mycosis is a common infection of the skin caused by several species of fungi that first appears as spots in various parts of the body such as nails, feet, thighs, scalp and genitals.

Transmission of mycosis

Mycosis is transmitted by:

  • Use of contaminated objects – towels, car seats, combs, etc.
  • Contact with infected animals – cats, dogs, etc.
  • Skin contact
  • Sea and swimming pool, as excessive moisture favors the proliferation of fungi

Causes of mycosis

Mycosis is caused by fungus Candida albicans. The factors that influence the development of fungi include diabetes, various antibiotics, cortisone, frequent vaginal washes and poor general hygiene.

Symptoms of mycosis

The symptoms of mycosis depend on which part of the body is infected and can occur from 2 to 38 weeks after infection. More precisely:

  • Nails – deformation, colour change and odour
  • Skin – discolored spots
  • Feet – rash, itching, odour, redness
  • Male genitals – itching, burning, red spots, irritation and penile discharge
  • Female genitals – itching, irritation, dryness, abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Nevus with a diameter greater than 6 mm
  • Appearance of a new atypical nevus with asymmetry, color irregularity and peculiar appearance
  • Bleeding from a mole or crust formation
  • Family history

Diagnosis of mycosis

The diagnosis of mycosis is based on the clinical presentation of the patient, except for the diagnosis of vaginal mycosis that requires a culture of the vaginal discharge.

Treatment of mycosis

Oral medicines are used to treat mycosis. In case of a genital mycosis, creams are prescribed for men, while vaginal suppositories or creams are recommended for women. In some cases, such as nail fungus, topical treatment is indicated.

Prevention of mycosis

In order to prevent fungal infection, it is important to maintain good personal hygiene and avoid:

  • walking barefoot in areas that may be contaminated, such as locker rooms
  • staying in wet swimsuits for too long
  • using personal hygiene items such as towels and combs
  • sharing the aforementioned objects, especially when the person was previously infected with fungal infection
  • women wearing tight-fitting underwear and clothes and prefer cotton underwear

What specialty

The doctor to treat mycosis is the Dermatologist – Venereologist

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