Guide BtoB: Block new patients

When you don’t need additional patient, you can add a new option that “block” all the new patients that want to book an appointment with you.

1) You have to go to the “Settings” page, and on the “Appointments” tab. Then, you just need to click on the box “Allow appointments only from existing patients” to activate/ disactivate the option.

Then, just “Save” your modification.



2) Here is the message, when a new patient wants to book an appointment online, that informs him/ her to avoid fulfill the information if he/ she is a new patient.


3) Here is the pop-up that appears after the fulfillment of patient information when he/ she is booking an app. The patient needs to check the box in order to continue the app process.



4) Even if a new patient wants to continue the booking process, a new message appears and explains to the new patient that he/ she can not book an appointment.

Then, the appointment is not validated.