Management of consultation types according to time slots

For an efficient management and organisation of your online agenda, Doctoranytime has implemented a new feature that allows you to manage your consultation types according to the chosen time slots.

This permits to limit several types of consultation on specific days, or specific hours. For instance, the bloods tests only the morning, or the peeling only the tuesday.

Thus, when you want to show up specific types of consultation, and not the totality, at a specific time on the week, you just have to select them, and choose a wanted time slot.



1- When you are on the user profile and you have already selected your types of consultation, you need to click on the icon “Availabilities management”, then click on “Availabilities”. You land on your overall availabilities.

2- When you want to add a new availability, you need to select the appropriate time slot, then select the category “Only specific services are available during this period”. When you have done it, click on “Save”.



3- Then, click on “Manage available services”, at the bottom of the frame of your created new availability.


4- A new page displays, three choices are available to you: available for the totality of the time slot; available only for a selected time slot; or not available.

You just have to choose your availability concerning the type of consultation and its time slot, if necessary. To validate your modification, click on “Save”.



If you have any request, please feel free to ask our chat on your online agenda.


The Doctoranytime’s team.