7+1 tips to avoid neck pain

avoid neck pain

avoid neck pain

Many of us have experienced neck pain at some point in our lives. It can often be accompanied by back or shoulder pain, but in any case it is an annoying symptom. So read these 7+1 tips to help you avoid neck pain before it gets worse:

Sleep properly: Some specific sleep habits can cause neck pain, such as sleeping on your stomach or turning your head to one side. The pillow plays an important role in keeping your spine in line with the rest of the body. It must be made of a suitable material since it comes into direct contact with the skin. Experts recommend changing your pillow every 2 years.

Stand upright: This is not surprising. Poor posture is the main reason for neck pain. When you sit, make sure your shoulders are relaxed, your body is straight, your back is well supported and your feet are flat on the floor.

Make regular breaks: Driving, reading and working on a daily basis mean that your neck remains in the same position for a long time. However, this can injure the neck. So, it would be good to take regular breaks to walk around or stretch and relax.

Do not pinch the phone between the ear and shoulder: Many of us do it several times a day in order to have our hands free. This position can cause neck pain.

Keep your head up: When reading something, working in the computer or using your mobile phone it is important to place them at eye level. Looking down for long and hunching over a device may cause injury to the nerve, which may lead to some serious damage.

Place the screen and keyboard correctly: If you spend a lot of time on the computer because of your job, it must be placed in a position which does not affect your posture. The keyboard should be placed at a comfortable height as well, while the screen should be placed at a level that does not affect your vision.

Adjust your chair correctly: The sitting posture is very important. The chair should be placed so that you can view the screen without bending your head and adjusted to suit your body.

Exercise regularly: If you do the exercise properly, it can help you avoid neck pain. If the problem existed before, consult your doctor before starting an exercise program. If you need physiotherapy, exercise should begin after completing the physiotherapy program, unless your doctor advises you differently. In all cases, the exercise should be carried out under supervision.

And here is the most important step of all: before making any change in your daily life, consult your doctor! Book an appointment today with an orthopaedist with doctoranytime and find an immediate solution to neck pain. The orthopaedist can diagnose the problem by a simple physical examination and suggest the most appropriate treatment for you.