Plate size links with obesity high rates

Plate - Food - Obesity

Finally, does plate size matter?

Appetite is dependent upon many factors other than the biological need for food. It is true that in recent years, obesity rates have skyrocketed and are associated with many health problems. But who is to blame for that?

Why has obesity increased?

Besides the clinical and psychological factors that certainly affect human health in general and the genetic tendency to obesity, food choices and the environment apparently play a prominent role. The daily calorie intake should be specific and depends on age, gender, body size and many other factors. An excessive intake of calories can lead to weight gain, while when it happens systematically, the person is considered obese.

What is the link between plate size and rising obesity rates?

The fact that obesity has increased in recent years has led researchers to investigate it. They have been studying eating habits over the years. What was the conclusion?

Scientific studies have shown that today’s food portions are considerably larger than they once were. Restaurant portions are also larger and, according to studies, they are twice the size they used to be. Even in everyday life at home, portions are more generous. The plates are larger compared to the past and the food packages contain larger quantities. Consequently, the current excessive consumption is probably the reason why obesity has increased, even among young people.

How can I eat less without feeling hungry?

Even if we consider that the size of the plate we use to eat with doesn’t matter … In fact, it matters! The larger the plate, the more food you will pile onto it and therefore consider it to be the right amount for you.

 Size Plate - Food - Obesity

What should I do then?

What you have to do is to change some of your daily habits and choices. Firstly, try using smaller plates and utensils to control portions and eat less (instead of ladles).

You can do the same with glasses. If you choose a tall glass, you will consider that you drink less than usual.

When shopping at the supermarket, try changing some of your habits. Do not buy large quantities of food, unless you are going to consume them. Keep in mind the number of people living in your home and buy the required amount of food. If you have no choice but to buy a large package of a product, you can divide it into smaller portions and freeze it!

The most important thing of all is to be focused on your food and avoid distractions such as television or conversation. Take more time to eat your meal, make sure you sit comfortably and you have nothing else to do. Nutrition is very important and you need to spend the time it deserves.

Is it possible to lose weight without feeling hungry?

If you still feel that you want to follow a healthier lifestyle and lose weight quickly and easily, stop telling yourself that you can just start over on “Monday”!

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